Winter 2016 - Non-Fiction


Judy Goldman
Finger on the Trigger

I hear myself telling the story of the holdup over and over. I want everyone to know. At a dinner party, I make my friends join me in a re-enactment...




Jeremy B. Jones
A Train in the Middle of the World

The first train out of Riobamaba every morning leaves behind smoldering volcanoes and jagged, snow-covered peaks to aim at what is routinely named as “the most difficult railway in the world…”


Nathan Poole
The Building Marked 1: A Vision of Industry in the South

At night, with all the high-watt xenon burning, it resembles an apocalyptic skyline, like something out of Blade Runner or The Matrix. This is all to say, the place is a mess—and this is where your milk cartons come from now, if you were curious, even some of the “organic” ones. And the small cartons that once sat on your cafeteria tray in elementary school, they likely came from here too…