Winter 2015 - Non-Fiction


Ian Patrick Miller
Letter from Doha

The buildings do not look like buildings, and the presumption to posture otherwise (glacials of glass, wonky monoliths of steel approximating an excavation of polished terrestrial elements—or signifying firmaments, orbits, solar light, anywhere but the presence of here....




Kathy Stevenson
Pecuniary Botheration – Plague of the Writing Life

Even in these difficult economic times the notion that art is somehow loftily and blissfully ignorant of money matters is a myth that perpetuates. Maybe because at one very visible end of the economic spectrum are the Oprah and Today Show authors, writers who have hit the literary equivalent of winning the power ball....


Natalie Sypolt
Remembering the Heart Museum

When I was a junior in college, I began to learn about hearts. Hearts broken, hearts bottled, hearts forgotten and turning to dust.....