Winter 2015 - Fiction


NJ Campbell
Social Services

The social services offices were in the old clinic on the south side of town next to Ron’s Guns and Pawn. The woman at the desk had a big build and a soft face.....

  planting image

Rebecca Elswick

A man and a girl stood beside the fifty pound bags of grass seed. I had worked the check-out register at Smith’s Hardware and Furniture Store for almost a year, and I knew they weren’t here to buy grass seed, or anything else for that matter.....


Joan Mora

Cara was an actuary who believed in probability theory. The probability of delivering a healthy baby was ninety-seven percent. Women had a life expectancy of eighty-two years....


Ken Poyner
The Assassin and the Jobs Bill of 2012

The organ grinder on the beach is making deeper impressions in the sand with his heels than with his toes. It is a testament to a proper walking technique. With that sort of balance, he will get a couple of miles before his hamstrings go out....


Matthew Reed
High Season

They come in waves, walking across the parking lot in tennis shoes and jeans, with gloves swinging from their jacket zippers. They arrive in cars with out-of-state license plates and in coach buses with drivers announcing the 4:30....