Winter 2014 - Non-Fiction


Ricky Cox
Where Are You Now, Marlos Perkos?

I didn’t realize how much Floyd County had changed until the day I saw a llama in a blue nylon halter sniffing at a neighbor’s potted geraniums.

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Karen McElmurray
Outside the Outside

Just five years ago, I survived my own ending.  Came through treatment following a diagnosis of stage three colorectal cancer. 




Jodi Sh. Doff
The Mouse, Her Kid, and Me

Some things you remember even the bad parts being good. Heroin is like that, for one example. The Mouse for another.

Holger Casselmann    


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Gary Presley
Selling Insurance

I sold car insurance to a sixteen-year-old kid, a barrel-shaped boy with a Russian surname, an ethnicity uncommon down in the hills where I lived then...