Winter 2014 - Fiction


Dan Leach
The Day Getting Dark

If I could offer one piece of advice, it would be this: when you drop out of community college, don’t go to work for a golf-course in the town you grew up in...

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Benjamin Morris
County Road Q

  The pond’s shoreline where Glen stands is muddy and slick with green and white goose shit. He watches a dozen geese paddle through the dark water, but Glen is thinking pheasant...




Kelly Morris
How These Things Start

After thirteen years at home, Ellen has returned to the workforce. She thinks of it in these terms: The Workforce, starring Ellen Gafferty, former stay-at-home mom to Ian...

Holger Casselmann    


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Jimmy Newborg
Pattern Recognition

The first time Shelly encountered the concept of fractals as an explanation for nature’s patterns was in an advanced textbook she’d checked out from her high school library.




Michael X. Wang
A Family Accident

I was thirteen when Bao Meng’er kidnapped me. This was almost forty years ago. Back then, he had a habit of snatching up boys from neighboring fields and forcing them to work in his place in his family’s squash racks, while he slept on a tractor drinking sweet potato wine and eating hare jerky.

Holger Casselmann