Winter 2013 - Poetry


Vanessa Blakeslee

To Tolstoy
On Love
While You Were On Set

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    Leo Reynolds photo

Kevin Brown

Jack Does Not Play Games, Anymore
Jack’s Every Day Life
Jack Wants a Mnemonic Device for Life
Grasping Hand
Jack Watches a Co-Worker Keep It Together




Connie Jordan Green

My Father's Gods
Tending the Garden
Song To My Husband

Holger Casselmann    


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Matthew Haughton

From The Stiltwalker of Greenup County




Don Johnson

The Weedeater's Confession
Carp Among Trout

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Jessica Fordham Kidd

Can We Buy What We Need?
Incident, Endeavor
Our Labor Seasons the River
I Attempt to Reconcile the Men I Know


Matt W. Miller

The Yucca Hunters
Piscatory Diner

Club Icarus

Michael Royon photo