Darnell Arnoult Executive Editor

            Darnell Arnoult is the prize-winning author of What Travels With Us: Poems (LSU Press) and the novel Sufficient Grace (Free Press). Her shorter works have appeared in a variety of journals. Arnoult is Writer-in-Residence and Assistant Professor of English at Lincoln Memorial University in Harrogate, TN. She holds an MFA from University of Memphis and MA from North Carolina State University and is a regular faculty member of the Table Rock Writers Workshop, Tennessee Young Writers Workshop, John C. Campbell Folk School, Learning Events, and the Appalachian Writers Workshop in Hindman, KY. She is the recipient of the Weatherford Award for Appalachian Literature, SIBA Poetry Book of the Year, Mary Frances Hobson Medal for Arts and Letters, and in 2007 was named Tennessee Writer of the Year by the Tennessee Writers Alliance.  


Denton Loving Executive Editor

            Denton Loving lives on a farm near the historic Cumberland Gap.  His fiction, poetry, essays and reviews have appeared in Appalachian Heritage, Minnetonka Review, Trajectory, Main Street Rag and in numerous anthologies including Degrees of Elevation: Stories of Contemporary Appalachia.  

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