Joyce Ann Burton-Sousa

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I believe there is value in our daily lives and daily tasks. I do not want my paintings to reflect some person doing something somewhere, but rather a particular person doing a particular thing in a particular place. My passion for watercolor and texture is prominent in my work. I enjoy painting people engaged in the activity of living--both work and leisure.

My paintings are to be enjoyed and celebrated for the pleasure involved in their creation in the hope that pleasure can be passed on to others.

My work has been shown in galleries, appeared in magazines, and is in the homes of art collectors around the world.


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Joyce Ann Burton-Sousa
began painting in 2004. She is a self-taught painter.  She is drawn to watercolor because of the conviction that complete control kills art. Unless you remove almost all of the water, complete control with watercolor is very difficult. For her that would still the art and stop the fun. Her fondness for the medium comes from its fluidity and ability to surprise—even the artist.

Joyce indulges that aspect of the medium in her work in many ways. Often she is interrupted, and will pick up the painting “too soon” and let the colors meander across the paper to the side, top, or bottom edges. Sometimes she is impatient to move on to the next stage of the picture, so the colors--still damp--are allowed to simply merge as they choose. At other times, life calls and she must stop where she is and pick up later. The flow is halted. Thus paint dries and can leave behind a problem she must return to and resolve. And most often, she just cannot resist the urge to experiment—just to see what happens. Joyce’s paintings are not drawn in isolation from life, but in the midst of it. She encourages her pictures to reflect all of that. She has no fears about what the paint might do on the paper—where it might go, boundaries it might cross, as well as borders that may form and intrude. She lets it live and loves to participate in that process. She expresses herself through this lovely medium and enjoys the process.

The merger of Joyce and her work; the merger of life and art.