Winter 2012 - Fiction


Gloria Ballard
The Weather in Omaha

I quit reading the want ads because I’d go see about a job that was in the paper, and nobody ever wanted a girl who was baldheaded, like I am...

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Lisa Alther

She hadn’t hesitated to shoot a man who had harmed her son. Who knew what she might do to a man who harmed her own heart?...


Stephanie Whetstone

Pinewood Manor was Leah's own TV show. The huge rectangular windows displayed what passed for life in the hallways...


Gabriel Morley

I fell in love with the girl who does the weather on channel 144. Desmare Faizon. She is a meteorologist. For her, the world is constantly in motion – a cold front, a warming trend, a low level disturbance dissipating slightly overnight with scattered thunderstorms...


Joseph Bathanti

My mother knew Shotty. She said he was a slicker, that his real name was Basil, and he knew blindfolded the back entrance to every beer garden in Pittsburgh. I didn't think she even knew who I was talking about...