Summer 2013 - Poetry

    Leo Reynolds photo

Harmony Button

Hardware Crush
Heartware Store
Saint Rita


Thomas Rain Crowe

Picking Blueberries in the Rain
Walking Kephart Prong Trail
The Saw Mill Shack
The Perfect Work

Pawyi Lee photo    
    Leo Reynolds photo

Carol Grametbauer

Vitis Mathematicus
Final Harvest
The Poetry Weaver




Jeff Hardin

Down at the Feed Store
Rising Early
Work Still To Do
You'd Sit on a Porch Like I've Got

Holger Casselmann    


    Taber Andrew Bain photo

Ron Houchin

Closing the Restaurant
In a Dream of a Yard Sale
Summer Castle




Jen Marshall Lagedrost

Running is Prayer
Portrait of Injured Runner in Spin Class
Prayer For A Vanishing Farm

Holger Casselmann    


    Taber Andrew Bain photo

Ken Poyner

Advances in Mining
Emergency Repairs