Summer 2013 - Non - Fiction


Elizabeth Bernays
Rambling into Hungary

I had no reason in 1956 to learn anything about the history of Hungary, our school curriculum being about the British Empire and the Commonwealth, with Australia at the center.

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Julia Nunnally Duncan

I had not aspired to work in a shoe store. I wanted to teach English in a college. But I needed money for tuition that summer of 1979...




Megan Culhane Galbraith
What to Expect When You Least Expect It

A monitor beeped and I heard my midwife Robin say “C-section” again before it registered. There would be no pushing, no birthing tub or mix tape, no aromatherapy candle.

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Paul Pekin

Not long ago I saw a tiny chunk of the stuff for sale—in a souvenir shop. What would George Orwell have made of that?