Summer 2013 - Fiction


Ron A. Austin
Snakes, Thieves, Liars

When I was a ten-year-old kid, rubies flowed through my blood, microscopic corpuscles glittering, ventricles pumping gemstones by the millions...

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Abigail DeWitt
The Ransom Ring

  Tante Chouchotte said America was too far to see: what Pauline was staring at so hard she was going to ruin her eyes was not land . That strip of blue at the edge of the long grey ocean was only more water...




Mary Ellen Lives

“It’s a lateral move,” she told me. “Still entry level, but with a huge raise. The warehouse has to meet the Teamsters’ pay scale or no one will drive for us. The position requires someone both competent and creative. I immediately thought of you, Jenna.”

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Sam Slaughter
Puppy Love

The dog, a rust-colored terrier, bounced its softball-sized head twice off the chain link fence before Jerry stopped him.




Shelby Wardlaw
The Waitress and the Cabinetmaker

The waitress was the only one in the restaurant when he came in to install the cabinets. She put on her most winning, big-tip smile and showed the cabinetmaker where he was to begin his work, then retrieved her novel and pretended to read...

Holger Casselmann