Dustan Creech

Deeper in Debt


                        Steel, Oil, and Coal Dust 76" X 72"

Hail Mary


                        Mixed Media 48" X 48"

I create work that encapsulates the lives of those that society has deemed insignificant. From the victims of Hurricane Katrina to the blue-collar worker, these are the lives I focus on. My father is a coal miner, and after 40 years, he still works underground at the age of 63. He has sacrificed his life for his profession and our nation’s energy. I’ve watched his health slowly decline due to his work environment as the demand for his job continues to grow. This has fueled the fires for my work relating industry, labor rights and America’s energy consumption.

I want my work to shed light on the lives of individuals who often get lost in the shadows, and illuminate the dark places that we can seldom see.

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Dustan Creech grew up in Harlan County, a small coal-mining community in Southeast Kentucky. After High school, he worked in a steel fabrication factory in Lexington, Kentucky, enriching his respect for the labor industry, while learning a trade that would evolve into a love for metal sculpture. Creech relocated to Birmingham, Alabama, to study sculpture at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, where he received a B.F.A. in 2005. In the fall of that same year he began his graduate studies at Northern Illinois University, in DeKalb Illinois; graduating with a M.F.A. in sculpture by 2008. Creech is currently an Assistant Professor at Elmhurst College in Elmhurst, Illinois, where he has served as a Printmaking and Sculpture instructor for three years.