Fall 2017 - Fiction


Elissa Cahn
One Small Thing
If There's Anything You Need
Come August

Thousands of miles from any ocean, the Seaside Manor, once a brothel, still sagged with the despair of...


Jim Minick
Fire Is Your Water

Ada reached the barn door first, her own hard breathing muffled by the cows’ high-pitched bellows. Inside, the panic: cows bugling alarm calls, chickens cackling, pigs squealing as...


Kelly Hammond
The Thoroughbred

Shane taught me that you can rub a penny smooth. Get it like you’ve laid it on the train tracks, only better. You can mold it to your own hand so it fits...

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David Crouse
A True Subject

I know it’s the end of the week and the end of the year and the last thing you guys want to do is listen to me but Mrs. Tucker motivated me with quiet threats so...


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